2016 Chapter Meeting

Program Student Poster Competition Short Course and Meeting Registration

We are pleased to announce that this year ICSA Midwest Chapter will hold its annual meeting jointly with ASA-NIC. The theme of the meeting is “Collaboration of Industry and Academia for next Generation of Statisticians.” For program, please go to Program Page.

Executive Committee
Lanju Zhang (Chair), AbbVie Inc
Charles Liu, Astellas Pharma
Annie Qu, UIUC
Alan Rong, Astellas Pharma
Wei Shen, Eli Lilly and Company
Wei Zhong, Takeda Pharmaceuticals
Yijie Zhou, AbbVie Inc

Program Committee
Lingsong Zhang, co-Chair, Purdue University
Yijie Zhou, co-Chair, AbbVie Inc
Alan Chiang, Eli Lilly and Company
Wei Li, Astellas Pharma
Xuan Liu, AbbVie Inc
Lei Shu, Astellas Pharma
Dave Zhao, UIUC
Yunzhang Zhu, Ohio State University

Short course Committee
Alan Chiang, co-Chair, Eli Lilly and Company
Qi Tang, co-Chair, AbbVie Inc

Student Poster Committee
Lei Liu, Co-Chair, Northwestern University
Alan Rong, Co-Chair, Astellas Pharma
Lei Shu, Astellas Pharma

Local Committee
Wei Zhong, Chair, Takeda Pharmaceuticals
Shufang Liu, Astellas Pharma
Maggie Xiao, Abbott Laboratories
Wenwen Zhang, Takeda Pharmaceuticals

Jennifer Yen, Chair, Abbott Laboratories
Maggie Xiao, Abbott Laboratories

Program book and promotion
Charles Liu, Chair, Astellas Pharma
Ying Zhang, Indiana University

Qi Tang, AbbVie Inc
Ying Zhang, Indiana University

Michael Zhang, University of Minnesota